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Having good customer service is an essential part of our business here at Bathrooms at Source. To this end we offer multiple ways in which you, our customers, can benefit from our services. In addition to our showroom, a perfect place for anyone who is coming in person to visit and see our products firsthand, we also have an online shop from which you can order everything for your new bathroom and have it delivered the next day - and for free if you live in London!

Simpsons Showers comprise a substantial brand which, as an authorised dealer of, we are able to offer to you at good prices. They specialise in every kind of shower, from classic designed showers to all of their other categories: Pier, Elite, Arcade, Ten, Design, Edge, Click, and more. They also offer baths screens and textured slate effect trays.

Within this, naturally, is plenty of variety to fit whatever you are aiming for as a customer. It is your bathroom, after all. The Elite range offers pristine sliding shower doors, hinged bath screens, and side panels as well as easy access walk in shower doors, whilst the Arcade range offers shower arms, air boosted shower heads, wall mounted lamps with silver shades, thermostatic shower valves and even bottle traps. The Edge range on the other hand is more aesthetically based, with interesting curves and pristine smooth lines. It is also more of a budget based range than Elite, and of course weighing up the pros and cons of what you buy is something we can help you with - just talk to our staff.

Simpsons Showers is an extremely good brand overall and we are proud to be able to offer this brand to our customers; being able to provide many different potential options to our customer base is so important to us, and it is our partnerships with these varying brands which makes this possible.

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We take great pride in what we do; from our initial friendly honest chat about your needs right through to our independent advice and furthermore our professional service.